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Mon Jul 2 17:28:47 UTC 2001

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 06:22:51PM +0200, Benjamin Drieu wrote:
> I really can't understand your critic (as well as your comments from
> your previous post).  FSFE France has proven to be the most active
> part of the FSFE until now, but I've seen no hegemonic views from
> them.

Yes, besides the FSFE activities, the FSFE Chaüter France
appears to be the most active one.
Example for the hegemonic touch: FSF Europe icon does not lead
you to FSF Europe.

> I'm perhaps missing the point, but isn't the goal of FSFE France to
> work specifically on *French* aspects of free software in Europe ?
> People from FSFE France I know (i.e. Loïc Dachary, Frédéric Couchet)
> usually clearly separate their two activities: French-centric ones in
> the name of the FSFE France and European-centric ones in the name of
> the FSFE.

I am not too much involved into the strategic planning of FSFE,
but isn't Georg and Loic responsible for any European aspect
and Frederic focusing on activities related to France?

> Perhaps we should resolve the unbalance you spotted with more creative
> activity from activists all around Europe instead of arguing about
> imaginary internal quarrels.

My comments were born out of honest concern.
Thus I think the terms 'imaginary' and 'quarrel' are not adequate.

OK here some constructive proposals:

- The logo FSF Europe should always link the FSF Europe homepage.
- The Chapters of the FSF Europe should be called
	FSF Europe Chapter <country> and not FSF <country> which
	gives a quite different impression.
- Is LSFN an associate organization? If not, why is it on the top
	link banner? If yes, why is it missing at the 'Associated Organizations'
	link list?
- What kind of group the the link list right to the logo (Africa, ..., US)?
	Those are official FSF sites? If not relation to FSFE should be clearified.
- Move the news board to the FSFE site. Only few news seem to relate to
	Chapter France only, most are of more general interest.
	Perhaps an interface could be set up where
	it is possible to select the FSFE only and chapter's news 
	as one wishes, default at fsfe is all news shown, default chapters
	is the news of the chapter.
	This would strengthen the fsfe position.
- fix broken links on donationspage ( :-) just found, wow - FSF Europe
	has received impressive cash donations).

That was all after a first glance.


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