Introducing myself

Jerome Dominguez taz at
Mon Jul 2 10:55:23 UTC 2001

I am looking after the FSF Europe activities from some time now but have never 
subscribed to this list, so the convention is first to introduce myself.

I earn a living as an independant consultant and I contribute to the 
community as the leader of the French translation of all GNU
philosophical pages.  This project is taken care of by APRIL, 
a French organisation associated to the French chapter of the FSF Europe.
I'm also a member of APRIL and I translated "Anarchism Triumphant: 
Free Software and the Death of Copyright" from Eben Moglen, which I consider
as one of the most important essays on Free Software.

More information about the trnalation project at

I will try to contribute to the FSFE the best I can and to use my
skills to promote this idea of freedom we all defend all over Europe.

  Lorsque la consigne est infame, la desobeissance est un devoir.

  Traduction philosophie GNU :

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