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Hong Feng fred at
Mon Jul 2 13:09:20 UTC 2001


> I've already worked out some criteria.  The question is, do we have
> someone here who wants to look at the distributions and collect the
> information?  If someone wants to do this, then I can show you the
> criteria I had in mind, and maybe others can make useful suggestions.

pls tell me your criteria.

> However, if there is no one here who wants to do the work, discussing
> the criteria now would not lead anywhere, so we may as well do other
> things instead.

I could do this, and I think this is a valuable job to do.   If the job
will spend a lot of time which goes beyond one people, I could ask help
from others in the mailing list.

> I see no need to even try to review 188 distributions.
> We should aim to review Debian, the major commercial distributions,
> and any noncommercial distributions that we have a reason to want      
> to recommend.

I have notised that Debian 3.0 is frozen, so if you agree, I could start
on Debian 3.0, once  all the packages inside Debian checked one by one,
then we could start to other major commercial distributions checking.
I think finally the index or a diagram could be developed.


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