Comparing distributions

Ingo de Vries I.deVries at
Sun Jul 1 09:29:24 UTC 2001

Richard Stallman wrote:

 > It's vital to look at CD products, not just at what is available on
 > the Internet.  However, it's not necessary to look at all the CD
 > products of a given company.  It's enough to look at the ones that
 > come closest to satisfying our goals, and you can probably tell which
 > those are before getting them.
 > The FSF can pay for buying copies of CD products if that is necessary.
 > However, it could be that we could make contact with someone who
 > reviews products for a magazine, and look at his copies for this.

It a very good idea to contact computer magazines, not only for 
reviewing distributions but to make them more sensible for free 
software.Most magazines (including Linux-Magazines) seem to make no 
difference between free and non free software.
Maybe because some article-writer believe it isn't mentionable.

 > Does anyone know somebody to ask?  It might be possible to find
 > someone who can help in this way by looking at some of the "Linux"
 > magazines, or other magazines, to find the author of a product review
 > column.
 > Could you ask your friend to get in touch with me directly?


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