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MJ Ray markj at
Mon Jan 22 19:47:31 UTC 2001

Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> writes:

> (I don't know why they allow proprietory licenses....., I always
> thought they did not, but obviously someone should inquire otherwise
> the brand sourceforge for free software is damaged.)

I suspect that proprietary means that it's their own (YAOSL?) licence,
not that it's commercial software.  Perhaps sourceforge is for Open
Source rather than Free software?

> Unfortunalty I have not found an easy method to get the license distribution 
> of the freshmeat database. (I have send them mail and asked for it today.)

I updated my copy of their applist today.  The votes are:

   7889 GPL
    594 freelydistributable
    589 LGPL
    490 BSDtype
    459 Freeware
    435 OpenSource
    303 freetousebutrestricted
    299 freefornon-commercialuse
    225 Artistic
    208 PublicDomain
    150 proprietary
    126 FreeTrial
    109 Artistic&GPL
     72 Shareware
     67 MIT
     65 Apachestyle
     53 MPL
     44 QPL
     33 source-availableproprietary
     25 unknown
     17 EiffelForumFreewareLicense
      6 ThePHPLicense
      4 IBMPublicLicense
      2 VoxelPublicLicense
      2 SunCommunitySourceLicensing
      2 FreeWorldLicence
      2 AFPL
      1 X11/System
      1 X11/Education
      1 SUNBinaryCodeLicense
      1 NPL

Apologies for the lack of spaces, but my applist is a cooked copy for
another project.

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