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Klaus Schilling pessy at
Sat Jan 20 20:18:47 UTC 2001

Olivier Berger writes:

 > But I'd like to let you know (even if I ain't speaking officially for
 > the FSF-E core-team ;) that we'll have a joint FSF/FSF-E/April booth at
 > Linux Expo Paris on January 31st and February 1 and 2.
The AFUL will have a different booth?
 > I've heard that Georg and Fred (members of the core team) will be
 > there... but don't know their exact schedules (there might be a
 > conference presenting the FSF-E to the public, but I don't remember the
 > details...).
 > If you come to Paris, I'll be glad to chat with you on the booth.
I'll come if I recover from the very tough flu I have since last november.

 > N.B. : as usual, we'll try to provide a network access on the booth for
 > those hungry developers around who need to read mail every 10 minutes...
 > and you might even share your hub with some well-known priest in the
 > church of Emacs ;)...
Is it necessarey to bring a notebook along?

Klaus Schilling

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