logo: new samples

Anja Drewitz anja at 44615166.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE
Wed Jan 17 19:06:46 UTC 2001

Hello again,

I did a new version of the "line art" concept and cleaned up my page a
bit. The direct link is:


The gnu has fewer lines than before. It does not have eyes anymore
(nor would adding eyes make sense now). The main difference to me is
that the first gnu looks active, while the second looks more static. 
I am not sure if I like this one better than the first one. What do
you think?

I also added another silhouette. The direct link is:

The gnu's legs look fuzzy because I did not spend much effort on
cutting it from its context. They are just samples, anyway. It is
difficult to talk about logos without samples, so the photos came in
handy. *If* we want a silhouette-type logo I would create an all
original design. Only original artwork guarantees that we have all the
rights to it. At the moment it looks like the silhouette idea is not
very popular, so I am not putting unnecessary effort into it.

Best wishes,


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