Fw: Logo considerations

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Mon Jan 15 20:38:41 UTC 2001

 > A logo needs colour IMO, and choosing a colour is almost as vital as
 > choosing a logo because it will be part of the FSFE's "corporate
 > design". So ... what colour should be associated with the FSFE? My
 > personal preference is a soft green, but would do others think?

 Just a quickie - please don't underestimate the importance of a monochrome
 (preferably black/white) interpretation of the logo. Think of
 practicalities - printing, etc. If a logo *needs* colour to work, that can
 make traditional media (i.e., printing) extremely expensive. A good logo
 *must* work in monochrome - otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to
 work with at shows, exhibitions, etc. That's NOT to say that there
 be colour renditions - obviously, a flashier, coloured logo is suitable for
 web pages, for example, because there is no increased cost associated. But
 there are a multitude of situations in which a logo is required, and it
 should be as flexible and reusable as possible.

 Also, where corporate colours are concerned, and also the logo, please
 remember accessibility - if a logo is going to be more than monochromatic
 some instances (and there _should_ be a defined corporate colour set),
 please make sure it is of high contrast, etc. Not everyone is able to make
 out all colours. A little thought should be given to those with less
 eyesight, in terms of detail and colour. A logo doesn't need to be complex
 and flashily coloured for it to work well. An example in the UK would be
 BBC (http://www.beeb.com/) - an easily recognisable logo, but extremely
 simple and monochromatic. I'm not saying the FSFE should be similarly
 simple, but there is a lot to be said for plain colour, primary colours,
 simplicity of layout and accessibility of design.



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