Logo considerations

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Mon Jan 15 20:38:07 UTC 2001

> ad> In my opinion the gnu looks too harsh without eyes.
> I don't know - my personal impression is that it looks rather evil
> with eyes.

I have to say, I /kind/ of agree :) I think with the eyes it looks kind of
menacing, but I would like to see if anything could be changed to make them
a little friendlier. Or perhaps Gnu & Europe could be our version of 'good
cop / bad cop' <g>

I also think it would look better without the eyes if the eye-brows weren't
so prominant - Europe is featureless also in the picture, but less attention
seems to be drawn to her lack of face. I like the abstractness of the
'without eyes', though, it like it better than the with-eyes one, though
only marginally ;))

I also like the fist-aloft silhouette one as well, I think that's my
favourite.. there seems to be something about 'freedom' associated with it,
it feels quite right.



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