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Peter Gerwinski peter at gerwinski.de
Mon Jan 15 20:13:24 UTC 2001


Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
>  ad> In my opinion the gnu looks too harsh without eyes. 
> I don't know - my personal impression is that it looks rather evil
> with eyes. 

That's funny - for me it's vice versa: It looks more friendly with
eyes than without. :-)

> But the eyes are out for a very simple reason: too much detail for a
> logo. 

Not really, IMHO. They might become just dots associated with short
lines in small sizes, but they still have influence on the picture.

I have seen a lot of logos with much smaller details - typically
logos of serious intitutes with long traditions. The very small
details are not really visible in small sizes but they still give
a nice impression.

Not that I insist in very small details in the FSFE logo, but
IMHO we should not reject them when they are there and improve
the picture.

>  ad> I have been thinking about silhouettes of a gnu and a rider last
>  ad> week. There are a few more logo samples at my page:
> They aren't too bad but totally unsuited as a logo. First of all a
> silhouette is too "flat" in appearance and too "heavy." The view from
> the side is impersonal and doesn't involve the viewer

I can understand this, but ...

> and it has MUCH TOO MUCH detail.

... here I beg to differ. The outlines of the silhouettes are
concise enough to be recognized even in very small sizes. Only some
small details (and not "MUCH TOO MUCH") should be changed IMHO. For
example we should repair Marianne's gown so it cannot be mistaken
for hair any more, and the flag should be clearly separated from her
head (although that means some deviation from Delacroix' painting).

> [...] The favority (as far as quality as a logo is
> concerned) is still the minimalistic "Europa on a GNU" sketch without
> eyes on a map of Europe. 

That's my favourite too, but with eyes.  (_.- -._)
                                            o o

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