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Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Sun Jan 14 23:37:42 UTC 2001

Hi Anja!

 || On Sun, 14 Jan 2001 22:36:15 +0100
 || Anja Drewitz <anja at 44615166.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE> wrote: 

 >> - The more abstract logo itself is pretty good, especially as the
 >> frontal view "involves" the viewer. Only the eyes should
 >> definitely be left away.

 ad> In my opinion the gnu looks too harsh without eyes. 

I don't know - my personal impression is that it looks rather evil
with eyes. 

But the eyes are out for a very simple reason: too much detail for a

 ad> A logo needs colour IMO, and choosing a colour is almost as vital
 ad> as choosing a logo because it will be part of the FSFE's
 ad> "corporate design". So ... what colour should be associated with
 ad> the FSFE? My personal preference is a soft green, but would do
 ad> others think?

I'm always a person for "solid" colors. Preferrably not too bright,
blue and green would work for me, I guess.

 ad> Thinking about small sizes I figure that something with an
 ad> unusual shape, e.g. a silhouette, might even be better. The Linux
 ad> penguin both has an unusual shape and a strong set of colours
 ad> (black / white / yellow). 

The Linux penguin is a mascot and not really a logo (although it is
used in logos). But it does work because it has a VERY simple
outline that is pretty chubby and almost the same size in all
dimensions (at least the same order).

 ad> I have been thinking about silhouettes of a gnu and a rider last
 ad> week. There are a few more logo samples at my page:

They aren't too bad but totally unsuited as a logo. First of all a
silhouette is too "flat" in appearance and too "heavy." The view from
the side is impersonal and doesn't involve the viewer and it has MUCH
TOO MUCH detail.

The idea with the "E" in the background isn't bad, but I think I like
the map much better. The favority (as far as quality as a logo is
concerned) is still the minimalistic "Europa on a GNU" sketch without
eyes on a map of Europe. 

 ad> As someone pointed out, the final version should be scalable,
 ad> i.e. vector graphics. If one of my line art or silhouette logo
 ad> designs "makes it", I promise to do it in a scalable format (with
 ad> xfig, sketch or Metafont) that can be converted to PostScript. I
 ad> don't think my other samples can be re-done in a scalable format
 ad> within a decent amount of time. They are merely intended as a
 ad> contribution to brainstorming. ;-)

Thanks a lot. Your work is greatly appreciated...


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