logo considerations

David dbFSF at pigstick.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Jan 14 23:20:43 UTC 2001

> Thinking about small sizes I figure that something with an unusual
> shape, e.g. a silhouette, might even be better. The Linux penguin
> both has an unusual shape and a strong set of colours (black /
> white / yellow). I have been thinking about silhouettes of a gnu
> and a rider last week. There are a few more logo samples at my
> page:
>   http://agnes.dida.physik.uni-essen.de/~anja/gnu/

Being silhouettes, there's an inevitable problem with 
foreground/background ambiguity, namely that the flowing hair 
behind the back looks more like caricatured armpit hair.  Which 
may be no less European, granted.

A gnu being the surest way to quick irrelevance notwithstanding 
(mountain goats are far hardier), the second Europa Riding line art 
is my favourite.  Use without map on web, with faint green map on 
hard copy.  There, sorted.


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