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 >> I just wanted to remind the german-speaking subscribers to this
 >> list that Matthias Kabel, me and some more guys from Austria are
 >> planning to create some kind of national austrian fsf-europe
 >> subsection. The legal construct of an association (=Verein)....

 cf> I wonder if this is a good idea at all? Maybe this shold just be
 cf> the "German-speaking part of FSF Europe".

As far as I know there is no common tax law between Germany, Austria
and Swizerland, which would be the prerequisite for such a thing.

 cf> Further, it might make sense to have a single association for the
 cf> whole German-speaking region, including Germany and Switzerland.

I'm not so sure of that - this is going into the wrong direction
(isolation instead of cooperation). There will be several people
speaking German and they will be speaking German with their national
people/representatives just as the French representatives will be
speaking French with their folks or the Swedish will be speaking their
language. This has been one of the reasons why there will be a local
chapter in every country.


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