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Hi Georg!

 || On Tue, 9 Jan 2001 22:58:49 +0100 (MET)
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 >> Shouldn't you do that together with the people organizing the FSF
 >> Europe? At least if you plan on making it part of the FSF Europe?!

 gj> Yes, you're right. But isn't this list a way of doing so?  

Kind of. If you have read the postings and announcements by the FSF
Europe (and our postings on this list) you will know that we asked
people who are interested in getting involved to subscribe to this
list and people who think about founding local FSF branches to get in
touch with us at team at (mapping to all 7 current core
members from Germany, France, Italy and Sweden) and tell us a bit
about you so we can hopefuly get to know each other and start building
up the mutual trust that is necessary for such an important project.

As I have said once or twice before: as we are the acknowledged branch
of the FSF in the U.S., we need to be as philosophically firm and
clean as well as have the same level of lastingness. This requires a
lot of dedication by every member and quite some trust into the

Since this isn't something that everyone can (or wants to) do, there
will be the "associated" organizations that are a little less
restrictive and (in general) open to everyone regardless of the amount
of commitment and Free Software & GNU awareness.

 gj> On the other hand: As opposed to the U.S., national european Law
 gj> can be quite troublesome regarding different aspects that might
 gj> concern the fsf-europe in some essential ways: 

Which is why the status update before christmas gave details on how
the structure will be set up as this will solve allow us to have one
organization that can act Europe-wide instead of just locally on
behalf of Free Software.

Local organizations are important and the FSF Europe has been
structured in a way that it can network with local organizations
throughout Europe. 

From what I have read so far from you, it seems that a local
membership-based Free Software oriented organization is what you have
in mind. That means that you'd probably be perfect candidates for
becoming an associate organization - this is the course that APRIL
in France will probably take, too.

However. We very much welcome your enthusiasm and we'd like to get to
know you, so if you want to introduce yourself, your idea(l)s and
concepts to us, we'd be happy to listen and get to know you.

I will take a look at your statutes soon... but probably only after
Thursday when I had the meeting with the FSF Eruope lawyers.


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