Statuatory for Austrian Subsection (in German)

Georg Jakob jack at
Tue Jan 9 21:58:49 UTC 2001

On 9 Jan 2001, Georg C. F. Greve kindly wrote:

> Shouldn't you do that together with the people organizing the FSF
> Europe? At least if you plan on making it part of the FSF Europe?!

Yes, you're right. But isn't this list a way of doing so?
On the other hand: As opposed to the U.S., national european Law can be
quite troublesome regarding different aspects that might concern the
fsf-europe in some essential ways: tax deductability/funding is only one,
another might be enforcement of the GPL in court (should that ever be
necessary). Taking care of these kinds of problems is what "locals" could
(and should) for an international/european organization.  

>  gj> Matthias has put a draft for a statuatory on the web which can be
>  gj> found at
> Last time I tried the resource was not available. I will try again.

... should work.

>  gj> It would be great if some of you would be willing to take the
>  gj> time and have a critic look at it ...
> Will do. 

Thank you,

> Later,
>        Georg

Another Georg

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