Statuatory for Austrian Subsection (in German)

Georg Jakob jack at
Tue Jan 9 20:44:06 UTC 2001


I just wanted to remind the german-speaking subscribers to this list that
Matthias Kabel, me and some more guys from Austria are planning to create
some kind of national austrian fsf-europe subsection. The legal
construct of an association (=Verein) seemed the best to us (AFAIK this is
the way a lot of Non-Profit Organizations, including Greenpeace, work).

Matthias has put a draft for a statuatory on the web which can be found at

Such a statutuatory is required by austrian Law and our draft is
structured in the way it should be. But the imp√ľortant thing is that we
should discuss the content, e.g. how could we formulated what the
intention af the association will be in a better way. This does not
necessarily mean the legal way of formulating it, but rather the ideologic
component - what has to be in it, what should be changed/avoided. 

This has been posted some time ago here, but it seems that we've been
carried away a bit by the Logo-Issue (wich is also important, but we
shouldn't forget about the rest).

It would be great if some of you would be willing to take the time and
have a critic look at it ...

Thanks a  lot,


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