Logo considerations

Olaf Koglin olaf at koglin.de
Thu Jan 4 15:50:58 UTC 2001

Peter Gerwinski wrote:
> Hi, everybody!
> I'd like to throw in some thoughts:

>  * The "philosophical gnu" (http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/)
>    was made in Europe (by my brother:-) and might give us
>    some inspiration.

It gave inspiration to me. I tried to combine the shape of Europe with
the shape of the phil. gnu. I called the result gnurope. In the first
try, I drawed a horn, eye and so on into Europe´s shape. Looks very ugly
[1]. On the one hand, I´m absoluteley unable to paint animals (or
anything else), on the other hand Italy and GB are really useless.

In the second try, I turned Europe 90° to the left and copied parts of
Peter´s brother´s phil-gnu into it. Looks better [2].

Any comments?


[1] http://www.opensourcerecht.de/fsfe/euro-gnu-ugly.jpg
[2] http://www.opensourcerecht.de/fsfe/euro-gnu-phil.jpg

info <info at xxx.de> antwortete in online-recht at liste.akademie.de:
> 'info'? Heisst Du wirklich 'info'? Fuer diesen Namen wuerde ich meine
> Eltern verklagen.
Gute Idee! Dazu eine Frage, meinst du ich kann mich dann umbe-
nennen oder ist umbe auch kein schoener name ? ;-)

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