Other countries (was: Re: FSF UK?)

Klaus Schilling pessy at chez.com
Wed Jan 3 10:08:40 UTC 2001

Alex Hudson writes:
 > > I was more fishing for national-level organisations which would be
 > > good springboard and supporters for a FS body in the UK.  My idea of
 > > UKUUG is very much more as a pragmatic body than an advocacy one.  Is
 > > that accurate?  How many members are in their FS group?
 > Pretty accurate. No idea how many people are involved with them from a FS
 > perspective, but it's much more as a support thing than an advocacy thing,
 > definitely.

How about international organizations that are not related to software 
but prefer to use free software internally, such as Greenpeace?

Klaus Schilling

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