IRC meeting

Frederico S. Mu�oz fsmunoz at
Wed Jan 3 00:24:39 UTC 2001

Just an idea... since we all have just about the same timezone (GMT
here, CET the majority, others East Europe), if anybody here wan't to
meet in IRC for a quick chat/discussion, I'm usually on
(openprojects network, I can't recall the main server name, it's also in the #hurd and #debian channels. The #hurd one is
especially interesting since it has a low number of ppl. 

If enough ppl are interested in this the core members could even make
a #fsfeurope channel over there ;)

Just to chat, important stuff is never really decided on IRC.

Best Regards,


Frederico S. Mu�oz GNU
fsmunoz at Debian - SDF Public Access Unix Systems
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