On philosophy, hierarchy of orgs, definitions, and the logo

Jonas Oberg jonas at gnu.org
Tue Jan 2 19:41:22 UTC 2001

"David" <dbFSF at pigstick.freeserve.co.uk> writes:

    o  The firm philosophical stance Georg wishes from FSFE 
    members ought to be concerned with high, broad and long aims for 
    humanity, and encompass more than software programs.
It's certainly a worthwhile task to promote the issue of freedom
whereever is appropriate, and we should try to do so. But let's
remember that the Free Software Foundation's primary interest is
to eliminate restrictions on copying, understanding and modifying
software. And in particular, the FSF does this by developing the
GNU System.

If at some point it is appropriate to widen the goals of the
Free Software Foundation, I would be most happy to support this,
but that's a discussion that is best taken with RMS and others in
the FSF. The FSFE must try to follow the same founding principles
as the FSF. Personally, I think that expanding the area that we
focus on is premature and that there exists other organisations
that are more efficient and more suitable to deal with them at
this time.

As I said earlier though, we should definitely support such activities,
and the FSF makes a point out of linking and in other ways supporting
free music, free books and everything else where the freedom associated
with it is similar in philosophy to that of the freedom of software which
we advocate.

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