Jeff Davies jeff at llandre.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 18:31:38 UTC 2001

greek/cyrillic are similar (Monk named Cyrus decided to use Greek alphabet
rather than Latin).
It is quite possible that europe looks the same in both.
perhaps epsilon-roh-omega-pi. Russian would be the same but I guess
reverse-N tilde would be
used instead of epsilon? I can't find my greek and russian dictionaries at
the mo.
Jeff Davies.

Matthias Kabel wrote:

> * Jeff Davies (jeff at llandre.freeserve.co.uk) [010102 17:02]:
> > Ok, so we can't have stars since people in norway etc don't like this.
> > Why not have the GNU with the word Europe (or Europa) in Latin script
> > and Cyrillic above/below it.
> And don't forget the greek letters. Any more aplphabets in Europe?
> Matthias
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