Other countries (was: Re: FSF UK?)

Matthias Kabel matthias.kabel at tyche.de
Tue Jan 2 16:48:18 UTC 2001

* Georg C. F. Greve (greve at gnu.org) [010102 11:53]:

> However: the plan is to have Germany, France, Sweden and Italy running
> within the first quarter of 2001 and then start the next "wave." Which
> countries will be in there very much depends on how much has happened
> in those countries already/how much support in terms of volunteers
> there is. Right now it seems like Spain, England/UK, Belgium are very
> good candidates for the second step.
What about Austria? Ok, I'm writing with an german e-mail address but I live
in Austria. There are enough people here which believe in Free Software and
will work for the FSF. Georg Jakob is a lawyer who is writing his PhD thesis
about Free software and he made a first attempt for the rules for a organisation 
here. What kind of organisation wil you use in Germany? "Eingetragener

I think we can use the LUGs here as a starting point for the members. 
Yes I know there is more than Linux in the Free Sofware World, but it is not
necessary to start from scratch.
Kind regards

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