Logo considerations

Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Tue Jan 2 15:31:26 UTC 2001

Hi Everyone!

Okay, a few more things about the logo issue.

First of all the stars _are_ being associated with the EU as they are
using them as "their" symbol. So I agree with the people thinking that
it would be a bad idea to use it. But even if we chose to ignore that
and wanted to use the stars, we might even get in trouble with them as
it is possible the EU would not want us to use them and forbid us to
do so. That would do serious "logo image damage."

I have taken another route, too, and asked my mother for advice as she
is a professional artist and "having an eye for things" is her job. So
I wasn't beyond making good use of that for our purposes. :-)

Her comments were:

 - The more abstract logo itself is pretty good, especially as the
   frontal view "involves" the viewer. Only the eyes should definitely
   be left away.

 - There should definitely be a background as it looks to "flat"
   otherwise and she the European map more than anything else she
   could think of.

Personally I agree with her assessment (I have come to trust it over
the years) and I do believe that the logo with the map in the
background will work just fine - scaling it down to 100x98 or
something like that is just fine. 

So could you please do a big high quality version of the GNU & Europa
motive without eyes with the map in the background, Anja? I'd love to
see that... we can play around with the colors then, too...


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