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Tue Jan 2 14:13:38 UTC 2001

>From: MJ Ray <markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk>
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>josX <joshb at xs4all.nl> writes:
>>                                               The point is we need a
>> VERY, VERY good Logo[name[motto]], because if we fail here ... too manny
>> people will not bother to look a second time I'm afraid. The association
>> people will have in the first instance of seeing the Logo is the thing we're
>> after I think. In my opinion that is far more important than if it is 
>> historically a valid logo.
>Indeed, but there's still an absence of other simple images so far.
>Having looked at the lines over the map images, I think it could work
>with a little trickery to make it simpler to print.

What do you think about using an animal (mascotte) and making an image
from that?
Phenix-bird (i like this one)
The 'G' in GNU is probably just chosen to get an animal-name from the
letters 'NU'(?). A pengiun has nothing to do with a Unix kernel...(except
for temprement wasn't it? :) )etc. etc.
We have ofcourse the added `problem' of having to differentiate from
FSF-USA, but is the cost of using the intrigate symboling ("Europa?,
oh, that was a princess in mythical Greece that was kidnapped and...yes
that /is/ a gnu, gnu is the symbol of GNU, the org...", etc. etc.<- this
kind of reaction is not what we need (I hope))
worth the drop in "AHA" factor? (just stating things to the extreme for
added clarity)

I think not.  Let's keep it simple and recognizable. ("seagull"?, oh no
particular reason, why not. (nobody will ever bother you again about it))
If we really have to have some refference to Europe in the logo, aren't
there some not-soon-to-get-extinct European animals we could think about?
(That is, if the idea of using an animal is accepted, which it is not at
this time...)
BTW you can /always/ add a map behind a symbol, or stars, or write the
names of all kapital cities around it in their native languages ;).

>Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post.  I hope my forwarding
>of it makes it to the list.
Thanks, sorry for the trouble.
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