Logo/name considerations

MJ Ray markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jan 2 13:37:10 UTC 2001

[reply to misdirected mail]

josX <joshb at xs4all.nl> writes:
> > target audience (European Free Software advocates), English is
> > probably a good first choice, as having had to deal with the existing
> > (predominately English-capable) community means most of them will at
> > least read it. 
> Yeah you'r right, but I was only talking about the name/motto language
> here, not about day-to-day communitation. If one day Czech would become
> the most widely used language we'll use that. The point is we need a
> VERY, VERY good Logo[name[motto]], because if we fail here ... too manny
> people will not bother to look a second time I'm afraid. The association
> people will have in the first instance of seeing the Logo is the thing we're
> after I think. In my opinion that is far more important than if it is 
> historically a valid logo.

Indeed, but there's still an absence of other simple images so far.
Having looked at the lines over the map images, I think it could work
with a little trickery to make it simpler to print.

> 	It looks nice (the stars), but if the EU adopted, say, a cirkel
> 	with a cross in it, would anybody come up with 12 stars in a
> 	cirkel to represent Europe? 

They did.  The flag (like the anthem) predates the EU and the EU uses
additional imagery formally.

Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post.  I hope my forwarding
of it makes it to the list.

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