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 >> Let me apologise if this has already been mentioned, I'm still
 >> going through archives of mail I've missed recently.

 mr> FWIW, I don't recall it being covered.

Well - it has been covered indirectly in the status update document
sent around before X-mas if I remember correctly.

However: the plan is to have Germany, France, Sweden and Italy running
within the first quarter of 2001 and then start the next "wave." Which
countries will be in there very much depends on how much has happened
in those countries already/how much support in terms of volunteers
there is. Right now it seems like Spain, England/UK, Belgium are very
good candidates for the second step.

So for countries other than the beginning four, we will be talking to
people, get to know them, start thinking about the legal aspects, but
that is pretty much it for now - if you want to things to move faster,
you might consider setting up an associate organization (see status
update document) in your country or joing the organization that will
probably become the associate organization.

As far as the UK is concerned I wouldn't know whether any local
organziation that would become associated... anyone feel willing to
give an overview of all UK GNU/Linux organization together with an
estimation of the "Free Software firmness" and "GNU awareness?"


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