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Tue Jan 2 00:44:12 UTC 2001


Peter Gerwinski wrote:
> Gaute B Strokkenes wrote:
> > > The twelve stars do signify europe for most people.
> > No.  The twelve stars is the symbol of the European Union.  [...]
> > In short, using the EU flag in the FSFE's logo will be widely regarded
> > as a political move, even if not intended.  [...]
> Okay, so the stars are out of consideration.
> No matter what they really stand for: If we have to _explain_ our
> logo to some people to avoid them getting upset, it is not a good
> logo.

What about the standard GNU with the abbreviation "EU" or the whole word
"Europe" somewhere around or inside ?
This may increase the symbolic level of the image, leaving out any
political or geographical problem.
We apologize in case the idea should have already  been suggested and

paola blason and giorgio v felchero - bfteam

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