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Daniel Koening dan at
Mon Jan 1 19:22:24 UTC 2001

Hi Michael, hi everybody!

im new to this list and first, i would like to introduce myself

My Name is Daniel Koening, living in Düsseldorf, Germany
and im a freelance grafic artist. BTW my english ain#t so good as it
should ;-) sorry.

On Monday, 01 Jan 2001, Michael Bracker wrote:

> happy new year to you all guys first - hopefully we'll reach all (many) of
> the goals we will set us and already set us for this year!


> movement. I personally do not feel myself as citizen of the European
> Community but of Europe itself (a real cosmopolitan ;).

yep, me too

> I think the Gnu with the Flag in the backround would be the most
> practicable choice for us. I don't know if there are some media
> specialists part of this mailing list, but I would suggest you print these
> logos out and also have a look at it from a non-political way but only
> looking for how it is impressing you.

i agree - IMHO it is very important, that a logo is clean, easy to
understand and that it is possible to use it on ALL mediatypes not only
the web. 
I would suggest we think about a "first" clean and impressiv logo. If we
create one, we could try to add a flag/stars/outlines etc in the back.  

> With the Gnu, the Flag and probably the old (Greek!!) Eurpa we have some
> symbols wich are making life much easier for us not having to find new
> ones.

thats a point! BUT a logo is very very important. its the first visual
impact (eyecatcher/-candy), for people who don't know nothing about our
goals. Think about Tux ;-)

Thanks for ya time


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