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Michael Bracker michael.bracker at
Mon Jan 1 15:48:30 UTC 2001

Hello :)

happy new year to you all guys first - hopefully we'll reach all (many) of
the goals we will set us and already set us for this year!

On 1 Jan 2001, Gaute B Strokkenes wrote:
> > I vote for
> >
> >

me would, too ...

> Over my dead body... 8-)

ouch. OK, I will reconsider it ;) (I really don't want to be part of such
a 'conspiracy' which leads to dead people ... ;)

> > The twelve stars do signify europe for most people.
> No.  The twelve stars is the symbol of the European Union.  The EU is
> not universally European (that is, there are significant parts of
> Europe that are not part of the EU,) nor is the EU universally
> popular, even in those places that are part of the EU.

I (hopefully) may quote Claus from
on this point because if this is true (and I do believe so) the twelve
stars _do_ stand for whole Europe.

>> Today, virtually every European state is member of the Council of
Europe. So the 12 stars flag not only relates to the EU, but also
to Europa as a whole (which was it's original meaning anyway).<<

> In short, using the EU flag in the FSFE's logo will be widely regarded
> as a political move, even if not intended.  I think that it's a bad
> idea for the FSFE to get mixed up in political issues that are
> entirely orthogonal to free software.

Do you think so? How is it with other people in these regions you talked
before above? I personally do not connect the Flag with the political
movement. I personally do not feel myself as citizen of the European
Community but of Europe itself (a real cosmopolitan ;).

I think the Gnu with the Flag in the backround would be the most
practicable choice for us. I don't know if there are some media
specialists part of this mailing list, but I would suggest you print these
logos out and also have a look at it from a non-political way but only
looking for how it is impressing you.

With the Gnu, the Flag and probably the old (Greek!!) Eurpa we have some
symbols wich are making life much easier for us not having to find new

Have much fun (I'm off skiing tomorrow :),

Michael Bracker  - if it is to be
Bavaria, Germany - it is up to me

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