cactus data shield

Wim De Smet fragmeat at
Sun Dec 23 17:55:02 UTC 2001

And now for a more in depth discussion

>-	The CD may be copied with the latest cdda2wav (part of cdrtools)
>	if you use a Plextor Plex-40. Future versions of cdrtools
>	will copy the disk with any Plextor drive
Can you get the content? Have you read the article? The program they use 
has a propietary audio format. This means that it falls under DMCA and 
WIPO agreement. If you try to extract the sound from the cd you're 
evading copyright.

The fact that you can copy it is very nice, but what you're copying is 
worthless. And I meant cd in the context of music cd, this is how they 
are marketing it.

Could you elaborate on that trap? I am complaining yes. I won't buy the 
cd, no. And I won't buy anything else from BMG that is protected this 
way. But by applying this strategy they are not only coercing their 
clients to use windows. They're also laying out their future plans, in 
which it will be impossible to play any of their cds in linux. You might 
want to download copyrighted music without paying for it, I don't. If 
then, they can persuade other companies to do the same, we won't be 
buying any music in the future. I think I was right to signal this 
thing. And if it has nothing to do with DMCA it has everything to do 
with freedom.

If you think artists can get around this, you're wrong. The record 
companies own them. There are allmost no independants, and if there are, 
they usually won't see the problem I saw here.

thx for your patience,

PS: don't mind the other letter, shocked that anybody could think I 
would buy such a monstrocity

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