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Henrion Benjamin bh at
Sat Dec 22 11:06:22 UTC 2001

Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen at> [011221]:
> Also for all dutch and belgic people here: What about setting up a FSF
> Benelux? AFAIK there doesn't exist anything like that (At least not here
> in The Netherlands, there is only some open source thing. I don't know
> about Belgium).
Yeah, in Belgium, we've tried to launch a National Organisation called
"OpenBe.Org" last year, but the project is still sleeping. My opinion is
that the name is not well choosen, I've just reserved "FreeSBe.Org",
like Free Software in Belgium, and I will see if people are motivated to
do something in the next days or months.

I think that we need such org in our country, because it's very
difficult, or example, to say something to our politics whitout having
an organisation (I take the example of swpat).

I'm waiting for reacts of Belgian people...


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