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Hong Feng fred at
Tue Dec 11 00:52:50 UTC 2001

   I'm in touch with Hispalinux, which actually is the greater legal user
   group around Linux and Free Software in Spain. Although I have no time
   myself to contribute translations, I'm going to spread info about the
   mag in the member mailing-list. I think that at least we could provide a
   mirror for the mag.


   Anyways, first of all it would be interesting a small list of "wishes":

	   - Translators for local languages
	   - Distributors for paper version
	   - Mirrors of web version?
	   - ...?

	   When we have a complete list, I'll see what can we do.

Here is the list I suggested how to get involved with the magazine
(published at

How to get involved

If you want to contribute to Free Software Magazine, you can do 
it in the following ways: 

* Write an article. Go see the Submission Guidelines listed as 
  below for Free Software Magazine. 

* Send your suggestions, comments, criticisms or trick (or more) 
  with a brief explanation to fred at or hongfeng at 

* Help preview articles! Send a note with your name and email 
  address to fred at or hongfeng at 

* Mirroring Free Software Magazine in your local area. 

* Buy Your Hard Copy from us. Your payment will be used to 
  finance MNM Project to support the free software community. 
  Send your order to orders at 

* Place Advertisement about your free software, or free software 
  based system, hardware, or service. 


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