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El mar, 11-12-2001 a las 00:21, Hong Feng escribió:

>    I was wondering about the fact that it would perhaps need to be
>    translated, before being printed ?
>    Did you think about it, or you thought it wouldn't need to ?
> I have thought about these ideas. Actually, I am expecting the magazine
> could be translated into various languages by the local free software
> community all over the world.

	I'm in touch with Hispalinux, which actually is the greater legal user
group around Linux and Free Software in Spain. Although I have no time
myself to contribute translations, I'm going to spread info about the
mag in the member mailing-list. I think that at least we could provide a
mirror for the mag.

	Anyways, first of all it would be interesting a small list of "wishes":

	- Translators for local languages
	- Distributors for paper version
	- Mirrors of web version?
	- ...?

	When we have a complete list, I'll see what can we do.


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