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Mon Dec 10 23:04:40 UTC 2001

   Do the police read every piece of advertisement that gets into your mailbox?
   Or mailboxes in Italy don't get flooded with advertisement? (if that's the
   case, I definitely want to move to Italy :-)

Last week, I sent some CDs from Beijing office to Wuhan headquarter, and
I went to the post office handling center, ha, there are so many workers
there, and so many letters, parcels are handled there, I think I had a 
good lesson on how mail system works.  I think none will have time to
read each mail, because there're so many pieces of letters and parcels
to handle by the workers.  

also one question puzzled me, they are so busy, why they always claim
they loss money --- I don't understand.

   Isn't an association as Assoli allowed to distribute a newsletter among its
   associates? And there might be some PC magazines interested in including a
   "free" supplement with their monthly issue.

this is legal for them to do so as the magazine is freely re-distributable. 
But they need to pay for the costs by themselves.


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