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Mon Dec 10 22:56:13 UTC 2001

   >    In Italy we can't distributed printed stuff so easily. The publisher
   >    (or importer) must deliver 4 copies to the police before being allowed
   >    to distirbute. And magazines (those published once every
   >    month/whatever) must have additional authorizations. [1]
   > well, if it is a state law to do so, then we have no other choice
   > (it looks worse in Italy than in China --- in China, you could distribute
   > any copies to anybody, police station never acts under this censorship...)

   That law was done in 1939. So you can understand the goals that were
   behind it. No government changed it; the last one extended it in some
   way to electronic publications, the actual just ignored the results of a
   campaign aiming to reform it. Sometime I'm not so proud to be an

If you are interested in distrite the magazine (printed paper copies)
in Italy, we could send you the 4 copies for police --- that's no
problem.  I just wonder if the policemen could read and understand 
the articles inside.

   In any case we (Assoli) can try to support the publication of the
   Magazine, accomplishing the law, but it will be a lot of burocracy ...

I think you could not only support it by distribution copies in 
Italy, it has online web version, so you could mirror it in your
local area.  More, welcome you write your articles for it. 

In the first issue, there is alredy an author from Italy, who is 
the core member of psycopg (the DA between Zope and PostgreSQL), 
also there are authors from Russia, and other countries.

We welcome hackers all over the world contribute for this magazine,
as this magazine is target to "hackers write for hackers". If
you could write articles, pls pay a visit to our guidelines for
authors at

Best wishes,

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