Letter to German MPs: Rettet-Das-Internet (Save the Internet)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Dec 10 12:54:01 UTC 2001

Dear LWN-Editors,

Reinhard Wiesemann, the person behind the Linuxhotel in Essen, Germany
has started a small private campaign to create more awareness of the ill
effects of a monopolisation of the internet. 

	www.Rettet-das-Internet.org ("Save-the-Internet", Page in German)

In cooperation with the artist Peter Fleckner a drawing was created
to show the "Free Island Internet" with only a single boat to access it.
The drawing can be reprinted bascially under the condition that you
clearly link the www.Rettet-das-Internet.org page (in German).

Reinhard mailed a postcard version with a nice letter to all
members of the Germany parliament (the "Bundestag") and to several

See his note about this to fsfe-de (in German).

In the text Reinhard warns against the dangers behind monopolising the
software access to the internet and the formats for data exchange.

Because of the excellent artwork and the warning against a danger
which is dangling world wide I think LWN should report about it.


Professional Service around Free Software                (intevation.net)  
The FreeGIS Project                                         (freegis.org)
Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure            (ffii.org)
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