Leaked MSFT doc reported in (NYT) "Microsoft Resisting Licensing of Its Code"

Tom E. Turner tom at gnu.org
Tue Dec 4 23:35:56 UTC 2001

So anyone hear or get a copy of the 
leaked Microsoft 102-page document?
Anyone doing anything about it?

the following is a fair use forward of extracts from the article.  
the full article is at...
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Microsoft Resisting Licensing of Its Code

December 4, 2001 


BRUSSELS, Dec. 3 - Microsoft (news/quote) is trying to head
off demands that it give rivals licenses to use the basic
code of its Windows operating systems as a way of settling
antitrust action against it in Europe. 

In a confidential written response to the European
Commission's allegations that the company had abused
Windows' market dominance, Microsoft wrote that imposing
compulsory licensing would violate international copyright
law, according to a person with a copy of the response. 

The 102-page document was given to other companies involved
in the litigation, including Sun Microsystems (news/quote),
when it was filed with the commission. Sun's complaint to
European competition regulators in 1998 led to the
commission's investigation of Microsoft. 

Microsoft's senior counsel in Europe, John Frank, declined
to comment on any details in the leaked document. "I
thought this was supposed to be a confidential document,"
he said angrily. "I don't think it helps anyone to have
selected quotes leaked." 

Mr. Frank said nothing had changed since last week, when
Microsoft changed its mind and called off a hearing with
European regulators and the complainants in the case. 


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So again, anyone hear or get a copy of the 
leaked Microsoft 102-page document?
Anyone doing anything about it?

};-}= tom

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