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Klaus Schilling pessy at
Tue Dec 4 07:35:30 UTC 2001

Jan-Oliver Wagner writes:
 > A free software magazine is missing since all the Linux
 > magazines turn to proprietary products more and more.

Is this referring to the copyright of the magazines themselves or the fact
that most of them report often approvingly popular proprietary software 
that happens to run on GNU/Linux, such as kylix, oracle, netscape communic.?

 > Most appear not capable to explain free software, some
 > authors even have not understood the concept.

That's especially dangerous in comments about lets say the MS Fud against
GPL. Some 'Linux' Magazines respond to this by praising companies whose
business  partly consists of trickily proprietarized distribution of free 
software, using euphemisms like  'value added'. 

Klaus Schilling

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