"We speak about Free Software" campaign - first summary

Georg C. F. Greve greve at gnu.org
Tue Dec 4 11:15:58 UTC 2001

Hi all,

two weeks after launching the "We speak about Free Software" campaign,
we can draw a first summary - all in all the campaign was very well
received. Sites featuring it were


Also it was present in multiple diary entries on http://advogato.org.

What may also be interesting is that we decided to make an exception
to only listing companies for Bruce Perens, who asked us to also put
his name up. As most of you know, he is co-founder of the Open Source
movement and the author of Debian Free Software Guidelines and the
Open Source Definition.

Now it is important to keep the campaign going and push for more
companies to join. So if you come across companies that might be
interested, please point them to the campaign.

Also it is necessary to keep linking to the campaign in as many places
as possible to make sure that it remains visible.

If someone with a talent for art feels compelled to create a button or
banner that people could put on their web site to link to the
campaign, that would also be a good idea.


Georg C. F. Greve                                       <greve at gnu.org>
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