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 ld> 	I think it would be positive to spread
 ld> and
 ld> on the FSF Europe web
 ld> site.  

This is a good idea. João, thank you for taking the time to write this
very good article. Please feel free to add both pages to the FSF
Europe home page.

 ld> The simplest thing would probably be to create a eucd
 ld> sub-directory.

This is most certainly not the last time a special directive, law or
campaign threatens to do harm to Free Software, if we create top-level
directories for each of them, I fear the page may become
unmaintainable pretty soon. We should probably come up with a general
layout for such things.

What about making an "eucd" subdirectory in the "law" top-level
directory until our web-volunteers come up with the reorganization
scheme for the home page?


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