Copyright Extensions threathen Free Software in Europe

Jérôme Benoit jerome.benoit at
Mon Dec 3 23:11:18 UTC 2001

Le Lundi 3 Décembre 2001 02:06, João Miguel Neves a écrit :
> This is an article I wrote about the effects of DMCA and EUCD (European
> Union Copyright Directive) on free software. I'm looking for comments
> and sugestions. I hope that this raises a discussion that defines what
> FSFE will do about this.
> A web copy is available at
> and I'm gathering information on this subject on

I've done in quick and dirty french translation that can be reached on Can be useful for you. Need comments 
of course. 

Maybe you can say that the directive is like allowing the right to a stencil 
compagny to prohibit to their stencil user to use it to critize the stencil 
compagny thay are made from. 

See you.

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