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Tue Dec 4 07:02:19 UTC 2001

   Can we submit articles?  What is the general content?  Technical, strictly 
   non-technical, philisophical, practical...?  I know you said thats all you 
   know, but I'll ask anyway :P

Welcome you submit articles for Free Software Magazine!

This magazine is about our community, and it is belong to our community,
it publishes articles to free softwre philosophy discussions, 
points and views, comments, feedbacks, background of free software 
projects, programming skills and tricks, market analyses... anything
related with our community.

Note, though, before you submit, please have a look to our guidelines,
pls pay a visit to, if you
have any question, pls drop me an email.

   Dunno if you were wanting to charge for it or what, but if not you 
   could get the first issue to be put inside one of the linux magazins 
   - I doubt you would be stepping in their turf :)

There are 2 versions -- online web version and hard paper copies.

Most of the articles of Free Software Magazine are under GNU FDL license,
some are using freely verbatim copy and redistributable as long as
the copyright notice reserved.

For your interest of put it inside another magazine, I think there is
no legal problem to do so as long as the carrier magazine obey
the same license requirement.

We do want to charge for the paper copies, all the subscription fees
will be used for pay our columnists and suport MNM Project 
(MNM's Not Millions), i.e. to support our free software community. 

But we've promised, the cost will be kept at a low level, so that 
all hackers in the world (including those in the world 
poor countries like Viet Nam, India, China...) could afford it too.


Hong Feng
Publisher, Free Software Magazine
President & CEO, RON's Datacom Co., Ltd.
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