Smoothwall not free software

Richard Stallman rms at
Thu Aug 30 23:21:14 UTC 2001

      I suggest that we now attempt to formulate
    such a list and myself or Alex (simply because those are the names I
    gave to watch for) then pass that on to the contact.

That is a good first step--it would be good if you would construct
a list.  When you have made it, please send me the list so I can verify
that the problems really are problems.

I suggest that you ask people to report problems *to you alone* and
not post them on any mailing list.  It looks like the discussion on
that list is counterproductive, and that a private discussion with
Richard Morrell, conducted by someone who can be diplomatic, is the
best way to get the problems corrected.

Note that one problem, a condition imposed by text on their web site,
would be fixed by the change that they said they would install.

							  I would hope that
    by midnight UTC (+0000) tomorrow we could submit such a list, as the
    topics concerned have been fairly well discussed before.

There is no super rush--if it takes a week, that is fine.
It is important *not* to feel an unnecessary sense of hurry, 
because that would tend to lead you to take a tone that is less
than patient, and that would tend to interfere with resolving
the problem in a friendly way.

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