Smoothwall not free software

MJ Ray markj at
Wed Aug 29 22:36:41 UTC 2001

markj at writes:

> I now have a contact in the Smoothwall team who is willing to take a
> list of questions and follow it through [...]

Hi all.  I've just had a disagreeable email from Richard Morrell, so
please be aware that he is reading this somehow, most likely via the
FSFE discussion list.  I don't think this should stop that discussion:
I have no problem with him seeing us think; indeed it might give a
speedier resolution to this situation if he is willing to answer the
points here as they arise.

There have been some additional events today: the 0.9.9 beta source
has been released to the web site, although I'm not clear whether this
is the entire source to everything on the ISO, as it seems very small.
Perhaps someone can verify that and let us know?  Alex?  If not, are
there details of how to obtain the sources?  I think that would
satisfy the licences too.  The extra conditions on smoothwall also
seem to have been removed, so it may now be GPL.  I can't tell whether
these changes are being applied to older available versions too.

Also, "Brian Youmans, FSF copyright clerk" has answered some of the
points lodged with FSF, unknown to us here on the FSFE list.  Maybe
the best thing we can do is to download, examine and provide detailed
information to FSF and FSFE, rather than try to lead in any way?
Clearly there are more people involved than it first appears.

Thanks for reading!

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