Smoothwall not free software

markj at markj at
Wed Aug 29 17:11:56 UTC 2001

On 29 Aug, Richard Stallman wrote:
> If there is GPL-covered code written by someone else in this release,
> they are violating the GPL.  If that is the case, I suggest that
> someone point this out privately--don't make the first approach be to
> write to a mailing list.

I now have a contact in the Smoothwall team who is willing to take a
list of questions and follow it through, acting as a sort of firebreak
for Mr Morrell's usual reaction to criticism of the project which he
has put so much money into.  I suggest that we now attempt to formulate
such a list and myself or Alex (simply because those are the names I
gave to watch for) then pass that on to the contact.  I would hope that
by midnight UTC (+0000) tomorrow we could submit such a list, as the
topics concerned have been fairly well discussed before.

I hope that is an agreeable outcome for everyone involved.

I'll start by suggesting that the questions should be in two sections,
one concerning their main release versions (ie 0.9.8 at this time) and
one concerning their beta releases (ie 0.9.9beta at this time).

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