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Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Tue Aug 28 13:31:18 UTC 2001

Hi all,

a few weeks ago, Axel Metzger, Carsten Schulz and I met with Tom Vogt,
one of the people who got mail from American courts for distibuting
DeCSS code. 

We talked about the issues like DMCA and all these things and among
other things I tried to tell Tom how much we'd need more people to
deal with these issues. Possibly an EFF Europe as a partner for the
FSF Europe might be a very good idea.

Tom has now created a mailing list for people interested in an EFF
Europe that you can subscribe to my sending mail with the body
"subscribe eff-europe" to <majordomo at>.

I think it would be very good to have another organization to help us
with our tasks from a slighly different angle!


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