valinux goes propietary?

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Mon Aug 27 20:17:15 UTC 2001

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> You do realise that ESR is a board member of VA Linux? He owns / was given
> stock in the company, and sits as a director IIRC. Much like RMS being CEO
> (Chief Ethics Officer ;) of FreeDevelopers. Except RMS wouldn't back
> FreeDevelopers up if they released non-Free software :)

I do realise, that is why I am more angry with ESR. And that is why I think 
it is more important from now on to avoid any sort of incomprehension between 
OS and FS. From what ESR said, Microsoft Shared Source may well be acceptable 
and that is not what we want.

> Linuxmanship was a paper about advocating Linux in a positive manner, IIRC.
> I didn't particularly like it much myself - referring to Windows as a
> 'legacy' system I didn't think would work, for example - but the basic
> ideas are spot on: don't negatively campaign, don't use terms like
> Winblows, M$, etc. Be adult and professional: Linux [Free Software] is good
> enough to stand up to arguments on its own.

I missed that paper, thank you for the explanation (and for the link).


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