valinux goes propietary?

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Mon Aug 27 14:22:55 UTC 2001

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 04:02:21PM +0200, smaffulli at wrote:
> > Did VA's background as a hardware company influence this?  Is their
> > setup so tuned towards selling products that they can't sell services?
> that sounds like a good point, thanks. It still leaves exposed the question
> ESR backing up such a move: can we consider this as the final act of the
> Open Source Initiative? Is OSI over now? Shall we say it? Or who else
> should claim the end of OSI?

You do realise that ESR is a board member of VA Linux? He owns / was given
stock in the company, and sits as a director IIRC. Much like RMS being CEO
(Chief Ethics Officer ;) of FreeDevelopers. Except RMS wouldn't back
FreeDevelopers up if they released non-Free software :)

> > On a more general point, I think we need a "Linuxmanship"-style page
> > for free software.  I'm off to see what's out there... any got some
> What do you mean with "Linuxmanship"-style page? 

Linuxmanship was a paper about advocating Linux in a positive manner, IIRC.
I didn't particularly like it much myself - referring to Windows as a
'legacy' system I didn't think would work, for example - but the basic ideas
are spot on: don't negatively campaign, don't use terms like Winblows, M$,
etc. Be adult and professional: Linux [Free Software] is good enough to
stand up to arguments on its own.




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