Smoothwall not free software

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Mon Aug 27 13:37:22 UTC 2001

[not cc:* b'cos I'm going a bit OT]

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 11:00:00AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> The main "mover and shaker" appears to be Richard Morrell, who seems
> ...
> complete source.  He views the GPL as "cool but fucked" though.

Jeez MJR, way to quote someone out of context. The actual paragraph was:

"Smoothie will be all these things but not in GPL version sorry. Some of
 us have to eat and stick two fingers up to opensource freeloaders who
 don't get the fact that the GPL is cool but fucked."

[attr. by Jason Clifford]. See, much more reasonable! :)

And apart from RMS being a v.close bud of Richard, apparently Georg (as in
Greve, President FSFE) is:

"... a close very close friend of the project and personal supporter.

 He was also really very helpful over the copyright issue when you tried to
 screw us."

[again, mail to Jason Clifford, Tue, 14 Aug 2001 15:35:15, on, first mail on smoothwall.txt]

Richard indicated that the licencing issues had been taken up with Georg -
is this true, does anyone know?

MJR - you mentioned task-milky-milky (I presume off ucol? I'm not a
subscriber ;S): if SmoothWall turns sour and another project gets started,
there's a willing developer right here with development experience in
appliances and VPNs - having read the stuff I've read about R Morrell I'd
more than willingly give over what time I have.



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