valinux goes propietary?

Ludovic PENET lpenet at
Mon Aug 27 09:53:08 UTC 2001

> is pretty poor. I don't see people leaving behind their Visual Studio with
> SourceSafe integration to move over to CVS and some funky website.
It is just what we have done in my company (under my "vigorous" impulsion
8-) ). :-)
CVS saves us a lot of money, is more reliable and works better than SS. Its
main problem is that it does not spontaneously tells which files are
extracted, but people get used to it. ViewCvs is an essential component of
our CVS installation, allowing browsing of the repository without getting a
project. It is essential once you have tens of projects.
IMHO, its real conccurents are tools like Perforce. And compared to
Perforce, it lacks one main thing: working lists. I hope to have time to
implement them in CVS, one nice day... :-)

> I think we should see the positive side of this. fs was never about
> business in the first place; OS is.
It think it is not for product-driven businesses. But it may surely work for

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